Modern RTSM Platform Delivers Flexible and Compliant Trials

With so much on the line, your RTSM needs to be ready for anything. Any pivot. Any protocol change. Any regulatory or compliance need. With Korio, you’ll always be prepared.

Tailored to your trial needs

Ready for Customization

Rapidly adapt to meet the specific needs of your clinical trial

Ready for Complexity

Accomodate all trials from early phase to global Phase 3 and everything in between.

Ready for Change

Eliminate the risk of errors and delays for change requests

Ready for Your Next Trial

Reuse features and settings for greater efficiency and consistency across multiple studies.

A modern interface delivers advanced RTSM functionality

Intuitive role-based, blind-controlled workflows and reporting enables users to work efficiently and with confidence.

Be ready for the trials ahead

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Participant Management

Korio enables you to manage all aspects of patient visits including randomization and dispensing.

Supplies Management

Korio enables transparency and control over your supply chain operations to ensure no disruptions to your study.

State-of-the-Art Integrations

State-of-the-art integrations framework enables the ready exchange of data to power your studies through Korio.

Alerts & Reports

Receive real-time reports, alerts, and analytics to inform trial and supplies management decisions.
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Manage your trial with greater oversight

Portfolio-Wide Reporting and Management

Access detailed insights into supplies and site performance across all your Korio trials, and deploy changes simultaneously across multiple studies for greater control.

Continuous Audit Trail Access

Be inspection ready with Korio's real-time, human-readable, blind-controlled audit trail.

Reliable performance guaranteed

Testing Automation

Maintain the highest system integrity with surgically precise updates and rigorous testing of every system.

Real-Time Monitoring

Ensure ongoing RTSM and integrations integrity with proactive monitoring.
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Speed up issue resolution

Resolve problems faster with Korio’s integrated self-service knowledge base and live support

Be Ready for the Trials Ahead with Korio