Ready for the Trials Ahead

Korio is the Randomization & Trial Supply Management (RTSM) platform designed for flexibility, quality and speed. 

Not just built to tackle clinical trial challenges as they come, but built to prevent them in the first place. No matter what trials you may face, Korio is prepared to handle them.

Change: An industry-wide challenge

Legacy RTSM systems are not built to support the trend towards increasingly-complex study designs

Mid-Study Changes

Brittle RTSM platforms do not easily accommodate on-the-fly RTSM design updates to match clinical trial changes. The result: Delays, quality issues, excessive costs.

Frustrating Delays

Confusing layers of support and rigid RTSM platforms leave sponsors facing excessive wait times for basic responses and system updates, even as their trials progress in the real world.

Critical Quality Issues

Legacy RTSM requires extensive setup and software customization on a per-trial basis. Existing vendors offer very minimal feature reusability for subsequent trial deployments.
Your Need
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Only Korio gives you the best of RTSM without compromise

Inspired by decades of hands-on experience. The result: An RTSM platform where flexibility meets reliability, and modernity meets experience.

Led by attentive, expert service
Customizable to handle any trial
Designed for change
Reliable and quality-centric

A modern interface delivers advanced RTSM functionality

Streamline your user experience with Korio's intuitive, role-based interface. From site users and supply managers to clinical operations and data managers, empower everyone to work faster and take action with confidence.

Korio RTSM Software Mockup for Clinical Trials

20 Years of RTSM experience & past success

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The expert guidance and support you deserve

Dedicated project management expertise

Experience consistent management of your trial by the same skilled Project Manager from study kick-off to closedown. With deep RTSM knowledge and in-platform configuration tools, we use our deep knowledge to provide optimized solutions tailored to each client's unique study needs.

Unmatched leadership accessibility

Korio's open-door policy gives you direct access to our leadership team, which brings together over 100 years of combined RTSM experience. This level of accessibility and dedication to your success is unmatched by any other RTSM provider.

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Be Ready for the Trials Ahead with Korio